Highlights Vietnam



  • about 94,5 Million


  • Vietnamese


  • Vietnamese Dong (1 Dollar is about 22800 Dong, 1 Euro is about 24600 Dong)


  • mostly Buddhism


  • Floating markets | Mekong Delta
  • Chu Chi tunnels | close to HCMC
  • Hai Van Pass | Hoi An -> Hue
  • stroll around in Hoi An and try food
  • Motorbike Loop in the north | starting from Ha Giang
  • Crazy House, 100 Roofs Bar and night market | Dalat
  • See Floating fishing villages | Halong Bay
  • Hiking and chillout in Tan Van (village close to Sapa)
  • landscape, caves and pagodas | Ninh Binh
  • ricefields, mountains, hill tribes | Ha Giang, Sapa

Get Around

  • motorbike/scooter (hostels hire them usually or if not just walk around and find motorbike shop where they are for rent)
  • bus/sleeper bus (book at your hostel or directly with bus companies), the roads in a lot of regions are extremly bumpy…so be prepaired
  • taxis for short distances
  • for longer distances take a flight

Food & Drinks to try

  • cà phê sữa đá | Iced Vietnamese Coffee with condensed milk (So gooooood! …I got addicted!)
  • Egg Coffee | Coffee with an egg, actually it tastes more like a dessert 🙂
  • ginseng tea/artichoke tea | you will get that tea with your orders anyway (for free)
  • Pho | noodle soup in all viarities (in the south its served with mint, coriander and salad coming on a seperate plate to put in the soup)
  • Bánh mì | Baguette Sandwich filled with salad, vegetables an meat
  • Sommer rolls or “Goi cuon”| fish, rice noodles, vegetables, salad and mint rolled in rice paper

Do’s and Dont’s

  • use both hands when passing things (also money!)
  • don’t touching someones head
  • don’t sit with your feet pointing towards someone
  • always remain polite, do not “lose your face” or cause Vietnamese to “lose face”
  • do dress conservatively – cover your shoulders and shorts that are long enough to cover your knees (most important in Pagodas)
  • leave your shoes at the front door when entering someone’s house (at some restaurants as well)
  • avoid refusing a cup of tea
  • no phisically affection in public like kissing (holding hands is mostly accepted)

Basic Travel-Vietnamese

  • HELLO – xing chào
  • GOOD BYE – Tạm biệt
  • THANK YOU – Cảm ơn
  • YES – Vâng
  • NO – Không
  • PLEASE – Làm ơn
  • YOU’RE WELCOME – Không sao đâu
  • HOW ARE YOU? – Khỏe không?
  • FINE, THANKS – Khoẻ, cảm ơn




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