Luang Prabang



  • night market
  • Kuang Si Waterfall… a must! I’ve seen thousands of waterfalls but this one is outstanding!
  • Utopia Bar
  • Pak Ou Cave (little bit out of town – take a scooter)
  • Sunrise at Mount Phou Si
  • just walk through the town all day and enjoy the atmosphere, the riverside and of course the delicious food


Recommended days

at least 4 days as it is such an incredible atmosphere



Just if you really want to see the famous “Plain of Jars”, the town itself is not very nice and there is seriously nothing exciting to do.


  • Plain of Jars

Recommended days

1 night is enough

Vang Vieng

Beautiful surroundings with interesting caves to explore


  • Blue Lagoon (not really blue more like green and its located directly next to a carpark, but you its great jumping from trees directly into the water trying your best salto)
  • really famous for tubing – we didn’t go as we rather wanted to explore more of the amazing surroundings



  • Buddha Park
  • COPE Visitor Center
  • check out some bars

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